Pleat Styles: We offer a choice of two pleat styles which are commonly used for different purposes:
Shirred Pleat
Boxed Pleat

Standard Skirting Sizes:

All table skirts are the standard 29" in height and available in 14', 17' and 21' lengths. A 14' table skirt will cover three sides of a 6' or 8' banquet table and completely skirts a 48" round table. A 17' table skirt will completely skirt a 6" banquet table or 60" or 66" round table. 21" Completely covers an 8' banquet table. Other custom size table skirts should check with our sales via .Many thanks!

Velcro Skirting Clips

Skirts may be attached with velcro tape, velcro clips and pins. Skirt clips are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit most any table or skirt style with edges 1/2" to 2 1/2".

Table Skirts/Swags in Different Fabrics/Styles
We have an extensive range of quality table skirts/swags in every fabric, style and a very large assortment of radiant colors to create any magical moment or image desired.

Item No.:601

Polyester Table Skirt

Item No.:602

Satin Table Skirt

Item No.: 603

Chiffon Table Skirt

Item No.: 604

Satin Table Swag


So many table skirts/swags, which is right for you? After reading the product descriptions and viewing pictures of our different table skirts/swags, if still unsure which table skirt/swag is right for you, just check with our sales via for further information.